TU 2513-004-25083665-2015

Pigment paste designed for tinting polyurethane and polyurethane acrylic systems

– Pigment
– Polyurethane resin
– Functional additives

Application rules:
– Before applying the paste, it is necessary to mix it thoroughly.
– Tinting pastes should be used after checking for compatibility
  with the basic material.
– To obtain a uniformly colored product, first mix
  the right amount of pigment paste with a small amount of material.
– Add the resulting composition to the rest of the material while stirring
   mix well until a homogeneous mass is obtained.

Important! In two-component systems, it is necessary to add paste to the main material!
– The appearance, quality and shade of the tinted material depend on the material being
     tinted, the technology of production of the application and
     they are formed only after the complete curing of the tinted material.
– The maximum input of pigment paste is 25% of the total weight
     of the material (base + hardener), provided that the paste does not affect
     on the physical and mechanical properties of the tinted material.
     If the polymerization time increases and / or the coating quality changes
     in two-component systems, it is necessary to increase the amount of hardener.

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