Polyurethane primers


TU 2312-018-25083665-2019

Acid-cured, chromate-free 2K primer, designed specifically for steel and aluminum
substrates for active corrosion protection.

– Excellent adhesion to iron, steel and galvanized substrates.
– Overlaps with all BIEL 1K and 2K systems
  (except for epoxy coating systems and water-based base coatings).
– Can also be used for three-layer application
  (KIS-21 / filler / top coat).

Ready to use!

The viscosity is achieved after the addition of a hardener.

Color: Translucent yellow-green

Consumption: 8-10 m2 /liter

2: 1 by volume (1:1 for large surfaces)
with the hardener KIS-21 (component B)

ready-to-use mixture for 12 hours at 20 ° C

Number of layers: 1-1. 5

Overlap: 30 min., max-8 hours

Surface for application:
– Steel
– Galvanized steel
– Aluminum

Thoroughly degrease the OP-01 degreaser with the product. Sand it with an abrasive.
Immediately before applying, degrease again.

Do not apply on thermoplastic substrates. Do not overlap polyester-based products.
The base should be clean, dry and fat-free. Lightly sand the surfaces.
Remove uncured old paint and primer coatings.
KIS-21 must be closed within 8 hours.
Protect the parts primed with KIS-21 from moisture.
Do not apply directly alkaline materials, such as, for example, EP-01,
EP-02M and EP-02C to KIS-21.
Do not keep leftovers in iron containers.

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