This service is advisable for Customers planning to perform work one-time in order to solve the problem, for example, for the reconstruction of the enterprise infrastructure (anti-corrosion protection of metal structures, waterproofing of roofs and foundations, installation of a wear-resistant floor, etc.), as well as in the production of structurally complex and large-sized products in piece lots.

Before concluding a contract for the provision of services for the application of a protective coating BIPOLIUR, technical specialists of BI EL TECHNOLOGY will visit the site and provide the Customer with the necessary consulting support for preparing a technical assignment.

The application of BIPOLIUR coatings involves the placement of the necessary equipment belonging to BI EL TECHNOLOGY at the Customer’s prepared production site.

The technological process is carried out according to the schedule agreed with the Customer by the seconded employees of BI EL TECHNOLOGY on a rotational basis.

It is recommended to include in the contract for the provision of services the section “Monitoring the condition of the BIPOLUR coating on the products in operation and the formation of appropriate reports in a convenient mode for the Customer.”

A flexible work monitoring program will allow in the future to significantly reduce the risks of expenses for warranty repairs arising in the event of claims against the Customer's products from the end user. You can find more detailed information in the section "Designer supervision"