The existing requirements for the application of BIPOLIUR protective coatings contain a certain set of rules, therefore our partners need special adaptive training. To solve this problem, BI EL TECHNOLOGY has developed a training course “BIPOLIUR Protective Coatings: Real Solutions for Real Problems”

The purpose of training:

  • adaptation of employees of enterprises to new technology;
  • transfer of experience and competencies to ensure high-quality application of BIPOLIUR coatings;
  • training in equipment maintenance skills.

The training program includes a theoretical and practical course:

  • introduction to BIPOLIUR technology;
  • technological process and external conditions in the working area;
  • safety measures when handling materials and equipment;
  • preparation and planning of work;
  • practical techniques and methods of coating;
  • equipment maintenance skills;
  • quality control of the work performed.
Thanks to this training program, we improve the qualifications of specialists who in the future will be able to independently carry out work on the application of protective BIPOLIUR coatings.