Project engineering

A professional comprehensive service for the implementation of the BIPOLIUR protective coating technology includes consulting services required by the Customer at all stages of production, from development to the implementation of the project.

When implementing the service, we offer:

  • Cover the prototype and carry out the necessary tests;
  • Technological audit of the existing coating area;
  • Develop a project for the technical re-equipment of the existing area where coatings are applied for the introduction of BIPOLUR coatings;
  • Develop processes taking into account the peculiarities of the production of technological products;
  • Develop a project of a working area for coating by the operator;
  • Develop a project for an automated and robotic section;
  • Select and supply equipment for coating BIPOLIUR, parts and consumables.

Project engineering services include analysis of the current state of application of protective coatings at the Customer's production facilities, development of technological, organizational and logistic solutions, feasibility studies, calculation of economic efficiency from the introduction of technology.